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Anyone on here planning from Ireland or UK? 🇮🇪

We’re planning our honeymoon between May – July 2024, preferably June for about 3 weeks! Our budget is roughly about £5K sterling max!

We will both be 30. We love the sun ☀️ (cold is not an option) and wouldn’t enjoy backpacking or roughing it, more into pure relaxation and luxury. We’ve done all the travelling around and cheap stay city holidays. We love great food and drink.

We’ve been to: Spain, Portugal, Greece, Florida, Bahamas (RC Cruise), Australia

So we’ll be flying from Dublin or Belfast and our considered places are:

Bali Dubai as a stopover for a couple of nights if heading east Thailand (but not backpacking or party heavy, are there luxury areas?) Stella Island Crete Japan? No idea about it Hawaii and San Francisco? Maldives/Mauritius (this seems to be very popular and almost a cliche the past year or two, is there anything happening on the island? We wouldn’t want to go somewhere “dead” either with no atmosphere)

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