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$10K beach honeymoon – where do we go?

We live in Toronto and want to get away for 2ish weeks (travel time included) to a warm beach / crystal clear water destination in February or March.

We've ruled some of the common caribbean destinations (Mexico, D.R., Jamaica, Bahamas) as we have already been there, but open to places like the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Turks & Caicos, etc.

We also recognize we can do a caribbean trip any time and would be open to using this extended time to travel to a location we are unlikely to get another chance to visit (I.e Maldives, Tanzania, Thailand, etc.)

Buget: $7K USD (excluding flights) Travel time: February / March Food: Flexible Activities: nature, water sports, sightseeing, snorkeling, boat cruising

Does anyone here have any reccomendations for both countries to visit as well as accommodations or properties you'd reccomend? Thanks in advance!

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