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14 Day Beach Honeymoon

Hi everyone, my fiance and I are looking around for the best honeymoon options for an all-inclusive honeymoon. We are hoping to be out for a total of 14 days, planning to spend 1-2 of them in Miami. I haven't had much luck finding something using Expedia. Any pointers would be helpful. We are not really party people…more of chillers, definitely need something private (to tan the buns lol). We aren't too picky location-wise, we just don't have the largest budget for such a long stay. Looking to stay at around $6k. We're down to switch up resorts in the middle of the trip as we hear it might get boring. A private plunge pool is a plus as well. Can anyone give me any tips for searching? Should I just get a travel agent? Is it worth it?

Thanks 🙂

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