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2 Part Honeymoon Ideas – half relaxing all inclusive & half adventure

Hi all – I'm having a really hard time figuring out our honeymoon. I've done a lot of searching on here, and I'm trying to avoid the travel agent route. We want the first few days of our honeymoon to be on a beach or in an over water bungalow. We just want to relax, eat and drink as much as we want, and literally do nothing since our lives are so hectic and as many of you know, planning a wedding can be stressful. The second half of our trip we'd like some adventure, we'd like to get away from the touristy feel of an all inclusive. We want to go hiking, or diving as were both SCUBA certified. I was leaning towards Bora Bora but they don't have the all inclusive part we're looking for. We don't mind traveling in between the two stays as long as it's a relatively short flight. I just can't seem to stumble across what we're looking for, and was wondering if anyone has done something similar. Would Indonesia have what we're looking for? Anyway, thanks in advance!

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