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2 week honeymoon destinations…Turkey & Maldives v.s. Croatia & Italy

Fiancé and I are getting married next May 2023! We are big travelers and love adventures. Every trip we usually take 2-3 weeks and try to hit at least 2 countries to maximize our time overseas. We like a combination of city exploring (city tours, special events, eating) and nature (hiking, swimming, breathtaking landscapes).

We've been debating these 2 contrasting trips and think both would make amazing adventures, but we'll only have enough time off for one adventure!

What do ya'll think? Turkey and Maldvies or Croatia and Italy for 2 weeks in May 2023 for the 🍯🌙?

P.s. we're from LA, California ✌️ and getting married in Cabo, MX 😁

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