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2 weeks in Portugal itinerary feedback please!

We're headed to Portugal for just over two weeks for our honeymoon, end of April/Early May. I'd say we're 40% outdoorsy adventure, 40% food/wine, and 20% relaxation. We aren't much for museums and history attractions. Does this sound like the right amount of time in each area? Anything I'm not thinking of?

Day 1: Arrive in Lisbon
Day 2: Lisbon
Day 3: Train to Porto
Day 4: Porto
Day 5: Porto
Day 6: Train to Lisbon, flight to Sau Miguel island
Day 7: Sau Miguel
Day 8: Sau Miguel
Day 9: Sau Miguel -> Lisbon, pick up rental car, drive to Sintra
Day 10: Sintra, drive to Ericeira
Day 11: Ericeira
Day 12: Drive south, stay in Algarve or surrounding area
Day 13: Algarve (or surrounding area)
Day 14: Algarve (or surrounding area)
Day 15: Algarve (or surrounding area)
Day 16: Return to Lisbon, return rental car
Day 17: Flight home

The only other thought we have is possible spending a couple days in Serra Da Lousa for mountain biking, but not sure if/how it fits with the other places we want to go!

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