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2025 Honeymoon – Round the World Trip Dublin..To..Dublin

My partner and I are getting married this year and going to go on our honeymoon next year (2025).

We're just starting our planning for the honeymoon now and I'm wondering has any one done a similar type round the world trip in recent years and if so any advise?

We're planning on taking two months and we'll be going on round the world tickets which means we can go one direction (we will have some seperate flights in between some stops if places we want to see aren't covered in the round the world ticket) (For those not familiar with the round the world, it's something like The specific round the world option we go with will depend on our final route and which covers that best)

Right now our starting plan is something like this:


> Vancouver Canada (5 days)

> San Diego USA (7 days)

> Hawaii USA (5 days)

> New Zealand (15 days)

> Australia (15 days)

> Vietnam (5 days)


How long we'll actually stay in each place will change once we look in to them further. This is just a starting plan.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.

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