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3 weeks in September – where would you go?

Hi all!

My fiancé and I are getting married late August 2024. We're hoping to go on honeymoon for around 3 weeks shortly after the wedding, and have approximately £10k to spend.

I'm looking for a mix of relaxation and adventure. I'm a BIG nature fan, so I'd love somewhere with great snorkelling or other opportunities to see wildlife. We're happy to travel to multiple countries during the 3 weeks.

We'd also like somewhere with good odds of warm weather. With it being hurricane season in the Carribean, I know this probably knocks out some of the traditional honeymoon destinations. On top of that, we're from the UK and have travelled Europe fairly extensively, so we'd prefer to go somewhere further afield – though that's not an absolute must.

I'd really appreciate any suggestions you might have! Thank you 😊

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