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$5,000 Budget Ideas

So to start, I just want to say that we're already half-sold on Secrets Cap Cana, because it checks all of our boxes. But I want to check with you folks to see if we're missing anything worth considering.


Our planned honeymoon length is July 30th – August 7th 2023 with a limit of $5,000.


  • Tropical/Beach destination
  • All inclusive (flight too if possible)
  • Adults Only
  • Lively atmosphere

  • Enough activities to make a week interesting

  • Good food, restaurants, booze, etc.

Secrets Cap Cana seems to fit the bill, with the only downsides being:

  • Spa treatment is not included (and very expensive)

  • Doesn't have honeymoon deals/doesn't seem to be a popular spot for young newlyweds. Seems to be a spot for (mostly) older folks (we're only 23)

I recognize that these are small downsides, and that no place will be perfect, but just wanted to throw those cons out there in case someone has a good suggestion that fixes those things.

Appreciate any and all suggestions, tips, warnings, and anything else you folks can provide!

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