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$5000 budget July/August

Good evening everyone,

Both me & my fiancée are getting married on July 7th so we are trying to fly out after our wedding in July or even in August. We have a total budget of $5000, looking to only spend around 1 week on vacation, and leaving from Toronto (ON, Canada). Only times we got to leave Canada was to all inclusive resorts in Cuba and Punta Cana which we don’t want to do again. Those places were too hot making it unbearable for us to go outside. We also don’t really drink much. Hopefully theres a place that has weed if possible (inclusive in location / easily accessible). We were thinking about going to Amsterdam but I wasn’t seeing a lot of positive posts about being a honeymoon destination and something about weed recently becoming illegal. Ive seen in movies that Amsterdam had some pretty badass weed cafe and heard how they let people smoke weed inside restaurants but im not sure if that stuff is real. We also never done a cruise… how is that like?

Please help give us some suggestions 😬

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