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A plea for help in finding a location to check all my boxes:

I’m overwhelmed with options and I’m hoping for some feedback on spots that would fulfill all my honeymoon dreams:

1.) tropical style vacation with nice beaches and pristine waters

2.) local flair- music, shopping, food etc. I’d like to go somewhere with nightlife/culture, without being an over-the-top, spring break-esque party spot

3.) nice enough hotel or resort (I just want a nice clean room, outdoor pool & bar) but not necessarily entirely all-inclusive, as I’m hoping to eat out at local restaurants

4.) seafood!!!

Less important to me but things that sound nice are things like adults only spots, maybe some nearby hikes or bike rentals or something. Basically some options for activities would be nice but the focus of this trip is relaxation.

We are not huge on scuba diving/fishing type activities so that wouldn’t factor in.

I don’t necessarily have a strict budget. I am not looking to spend top dollar for the best of the best, but I want to spend enough to stay someplace just genuinely nice/clean/comfortable.

I appreciate any and all suggestions!! Thanks you guys!

Edit: just realized it might be helpful to say I’m thinking March 2022

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