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Accessible beachy winter honeymoon destination search- ~9k for 10 days

I have been driving myself crazy googling and comparing! My husband and I would love to go somewhere beachy and warm, most likely between November and February. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user and my husband has some mad fatigue so we are are not looking for extreme adventures- we like to spend a lot of time swimming and relaxing on the beach, adventuring in the car and checking out parks/scenery and cafés or restaurants, beaches or canyons in Kauai!, talking to people- we loooove eating out and want to budget a good chunk for that. I always seem to feel a little better a sea level.

We have about a 9k honeymoon fund and have enough credit card and Miles to cover us both to fly to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico, but only one of us for France. we were lucky to go to Kauai last July and absolutely loved it. Our thoughts so far, any ideas welcome!

Hawaii – would love to go back here to any island, just so much more expensive than everywhere else! Puerto Rico – looks beautiful and fun, and would love to visit one of the smaller islands too. We don’t speak any Spanish, which is a downside. Mexico – huge country, but have had friends recommend Tulum or playa Del Carmo, or the Riviera! Haven’t been able to research as much about accessibility as I’d like to. Again, no Spanish. Southern France – we would pivot the trip to late summer if we went here! Would be so fun to practice my French and see the France, and maybe go to Corsica as well. A little worried about accessibility, but my wheelchair can be taken apart pretty quickly and I can walk a few steps. Costa Rica or Belieze- have a done a little research and a bit worried about accessibility Open to anywhere else! Beaches in California/Texas/Florida, or Michigan lakes in the summer! A bit all over the map (no pun intended), thanks for reading ☺️🙏

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