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Active/outdoorsy honeymoon recommendations!

My fiancé and I are trying to figure out where to go on our honeymoon in August this year. We both will have the month off in between jobs and will probably travel for 2-3 weeks. We are avid/experienced independent travelers. We enjoy relaxing/pampering to a certain extent, but wouldn’t spend more than a couple half days on a beach likely. We like daily activity like hiking, biking, kayaking, yoga, etc….and most importantly delicious food!

Typical honeymoon all inclusive resorts like Sandals in tropical destinations would likely not be a good fit for us since we like to explore and wouldn’t really want to be stuck in a certain location. BUT we are thinking some sort of less traditional honeymoon all inclusive experience for us for a few nights might be nice to have things “taken care of” since we are always on the go. I’ve seen some resorts out west that seemed nice and geared towards outdoor activity but they were a little pricey!

Would consider literally any location that fit the bill. We are in Virginia so wouldn’t mind getting out of the humidity for a bit. We are both from the east coast so would want to lean towards exploring more of the west coast US or anywhere else internationally. With that:

1) Any location recommendations based on time of year?

2) Any recommendations for more outdoorsy all inclusive places? We would be ok with some guided outdoor things, but prefer adventuring on our own for the most part.

Since we have a decent amount of time off too, we would be able to go to multiple spots.


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