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Advice for a Tropical All Inclusive Honeymoon ~5k & 7 Days

Hey All!

Looking for some recommendations on an all inclusive honeymoon spot for late next November for me and my fiance in our late 20s. These are the things we're hoping for:

  1. Excellent food (for a resort)
  2. Large / nice rooms (comfy + in room tubs). Balconies are a huge plus!
  3. Activities (classes, snorkeling, kayaking, yoga, etc)
  4. Butler service? I really like the idea of coming back to a drawn bath, rose petals etc
  5. Decent beach w/ cabanas. White sands and I want be able to go in.
  6. Included hydrotherapy or sub $100 spa treatment add ons pp
  7. Hoping for some nightlife & people our age to hang with
  8. I don't want to have to fight people for chairs

I might be looking for the impossible but I appreciate all the help in advance! 🙂

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