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Advice for our 16-day Italian Honeymoon Itinerary!

Hello! I would love your advice and feedback on our itinerary for our 2.5 week honeymoon to Italy at the end of April into early May! I know it is ambitious, but think it is doable. We have never been to Europe before, though, so I may be underestimating. My fiance hates being bored and I know this will keep us moving quite a bit. He is most excited about seeing the Lamborghini Factory, so we had to work that in. Any advice for adjustment is much appreciated!

Day 1 (4/29): Arrive in Rome (sleep in Rome)

Day 2 (4/30): Rome (sleep in Rome)

Day 3 (5/1): Rome (sleep in Rome)

Day 4 (5/2): Rome to Sorrento 2.5 hrs via train (sleep in Sorrento)

Day 5 (5/3): Amalfi Coast via boat tour (sleep in Sorrento)

Day 6 (5/4): Amalfi Coast with day trip to Path of the Gods (sleep in Sorrento)

Day 7 (5/5): Sorrento to Florence 4.5 hrs via train (sleep in Florence)

Day 8 (5/6): Florence (sleep in Florence)

Day 9 (5/8): Florence with day trip to Cinque Terre 2.5 hrs via train (sleep in Florence)

Day 10 (5/9): Florence with day trip to Tuscan Wineries (sleep in Florence)

Day 11 (5/10): Florence to Venice via Bologna for Lambo Factory (sleep in Venice)

Day 12 (5/11): Venice (sleep in Venice)

Day 13 (5/12): Venice with day trip to Murano/Burano (sleep in Venice)

Day 14 (5/13): Venice to Milan 2.5 hrs (sleep in Milan)

Day 15 (5/14): Milan with day trip to Lake Como via car 1hr (Sleep in Milan)

Day 16 (5/15) Milan to Home

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