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Advice for picking a honeymoon AI in Punta Cana

Hi there!

My wife and I (30m & 27f) are planning our honeymoon for.this May in Punta Cana. We'd like to do 9 days, and our budget is around $3k CAD each. We've both been to all inclusives before, but this will be her first trip to the DR, whereas I've been 5 times.

We're looking for an adults only resort, a nice beach to relax but also a fun daytime pool, a spa for a massage, the opportunity for an excursion, and some place with a disco / some night life.

I've been researching Secrets Royal Beach which seems to be the number one contender right now, but I have read some meh reviews and this is also top of budget without any upgrades.

I've been looking at Breathless too with their room upgrade, but not sure if it has too much of a party vibe, or enough of a balance between finding peace and the party. Another option is Melia Wellness, or Royalton Chic. Open to other options as well.

Thanks for any tips and advice!

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