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ADVICE NEEDED- Feeling overwhelmed and deflated when planning honeymoon

My SO and I are getting married in April and are hoping to go on our honeymoon in July because we are both teachers. I've been really struggling to find the perfect destination that suits us both, and it's left me feeling hopeless frankly. We initially settled on Mexico, but after hearing about the seaweed situation in the summer, decided to reconsider.

A bit of background- I'm from the UK and he is from Canada so he is really keen to go to Europe because a) he's never been to countries like Spain, Italy and Greece and b) he hates flying long distances for a short holiday trip.

I on the other hand have been to quite a few countries in the Mediterranean and I know there is so much more left to explore, but none of them excite me. I really want to do some snorkeling and see some amazing marine life if possible which I know is possible in the Med, but I would have way better chances of seeing amazing coral reefs and fish and turtles if I went to the Caribbean for example. My absolute dream honeymoon destination would be the Seychelles, but I couldn't ask him to go there because it would involve taking 3 flights one way just to get there!!

So I'm trying to come to terms with the fact that my dream destination is out of my reach. Therefore, I no longer feel excited about planning, and just feel sad at the thought of it, but at the same time I feel like I have to get something booked now to get the best prices etc. Has anyone else felt like this when planning their honeymoon, and does it get better? Am I putting too much pressure on this one trip? I think if it was just a holiday I would be happy to go to any of these countries, but because it is our honeymoon I guess I want it to be unique and special.

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