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Advice on Honeymoon Destination?

Hi All –

My fiance and I are starting to plan our honeymoon. We live in the US. While we would love to go to Italy as our number 1 choice, the pandemic pretty much eliminates that and several other parts of the globe. We have it pretty much set that we are going South (Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Turks, Colombia, etc.)

Our main priorities are: tons of dining options (we are both foodies and will eat/drink out every meal if we can), populated areas with resorts/boutique hotels – we don't exactly want to be in the middle of nowhere or at least far from the action, beaches, bars, & relaxation. We won't be hiking through any jungles.

We have gone to the Cayman Islands the past couple years on a family vacation so we are eliminating that altogether. My concern with Caribbean Islands is there won't be enough to sustain us for an entire week on a honeymoon in terms of dining, different views, etc. Any validity to that? My fiance wants me to look into St. Lucia but again, I'm skeptical on an island providing us the best experience. I could certainly be wrong.

On the other end of things, I am doing more research on countries, thinking there would be more options. I'm seeing Puerto Rico as a possible destination with lots to do.

Keeping a blank slate for feedback – what are your thoughts about honeymoon destinations South of the US? Are there any places that are easy "give-ins" that I am not seeing online? Thank you for any help in advance!

Edit – going in December

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