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Advice on urban foodie + relaxing + gay-friendly destination(s) for Oct/Nov 2025?

Fiance I and are exploring options for an October (or maybe November) 2025 honeymoon and are looking for advice on where to go. Many places we've seen are either AI-focused (which we imagine means lower quality of food) or in destinations that are not LGBTQ+ friendly (Maldives, St. Lucia, Jamaica, etc).

Based on the below criteria, we're considering San Sebastian paired with a few days at a resort, or Bangkok/Chiang Mai/southern beach. We're also tempted by either French Polynesia/Seychelles/Mauritius but aren't sure how they'd measure up on food. Japan was one of our first thoughts but we will likely have other upcoming travel to Japan in the next few years. Any advice/suggestions on the places we're considering, or other destinations we should look at?

-We can leave from NY/PHL/DC area airports. We would like to go somewhere we can really enjoy a long business class flight (ex Asia) but not a dealbreaker. We are looking to leave the Americas.

-We are thinking about 7-10 days in country (not counting travel time). We are open to multiple destinations (ex Barcelona + Nice, or Saint Sebastian + Bordeaux), but probably not more than 2-3.

-We are mainly food oriented (our favorite trips have been Barcelona, New Orleans and Bologna) across the whole spectrum of fanciness (street food/cheap eats/hole in the wall to sit down/fancy). However, if we had to lean towards one side of the spectrum it would be street food/cheap eats. We love when even the most random places we try are still delicious.

-We also like walkability and public transportation. Ideally we wouldn't have to rent a car, but that would not be a dealbreaker.

-Ideally we will be able to do some relaxation as well (maybe a few days at a resort or beach) to balance out the urban exploration component, but if we had to pick we'd choose urban exploration.

-We are not big on excursions/hiking/etc. We would check some out if available but we wouldn't orient our honeymoon around that.

-Budget is flexible. We don't spend on much outside of travel so we are willing to splurge on our honeymoon. However, we don't like spending money for flashiness/aesthetics (ex if a restaurant is Instagrammable but the food sucks), so we're not looking to splurge just for the sake of splurging.

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, or tips!

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