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Advice – should we reschedule our Oct. 2021 honeymoon to Fiji?

I am kind of panicking about our honeymoon plans. We have planned to go to Fiji this October after our wedding…but I’ve been reading all of the news and it really doesn’t look good. I haven’t seen any plan for reopening to international tourists, and their cases are higher than ever with what seems like pretty slow vaccination rates. Of course I don’t want to travel there when it’s unsafe for residents.

I asked my travel agent about postponing it if we had to and planning something else and she recommended to move it ASAP because demand for travel is so high right now and places in the Caribbean are all filling up quickly.

My fiancé and I waited a long time to get married and I really want that dreamy honeymoon right after our wedding (I know I’m very privileged to be able to make that happen!)

Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone else postponed their trip to Fiji? Are there any lesser known Caribbean islands that may have more availability than some of the popular ones?

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