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Affordable honeymoon options in Puerto Rico?

Trying to stay domestic for the honeymoon because of Covid and also because I don’t think I’ll be up for a big long international flight directly after the wedding. Looking for something a bit more low key and easy but still nice.

Therefore, I’m thinking of honeymooning in PR next year at the end of August/beginning of September. Flying out of Atlanta so the flights won’t be too long or expensive but it’ll still feel like it’s far away and different and it’s technically domestic. Trying to keep the budget around $2k if possible. 5-6 days away plus flights is already looking like $1600 though which doesn’t leave much for food and activities. Wondering if there are any decent budget options for the hotel? I’m always overwhelmed planning trips and would like recommendations.

If not that, does anyone have any good recommendations for east coast destinations we could road trip to? Open to something beachy but am also open to something Appalachian mountainy. Simply looking for somewhere with natural beauty and good food with a couple cool activities we can do. NOT Florida. Grew up there and don’t want to go “back home” for the honeymoon.


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