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Affordable private villa/beach suggestions that also have a lot to do

Hi there! I just posted asking a question about the Middle East and the answers to that post were super helpful however it broadened our minds to other possible locations. We basically are looking for a private villa situation that has access to its own section of a beach/pool but then ALOT of fun stereotypical honeymoon things to do. The travel time would be early October. We don’t mind the “cheesy” typical honeymoon destinations and all inclusive resorts that are catered to couples. We want our first big trip together to be super relaxing where we don’t have to worry about much because it’s all right there or nearby. But then maybe take a few sightseeing days here and there to get a mix of city and beach. Also a place that has lots of options for someone who eats whole food plant based! So vegan options with lots of fruits and veggies. We are open to anywhere in the world!

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