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Age old question, Secrets (Cap Cana) or Sandals (Grenada)?

Hello! My fiancé and I are currently planning our honeymoon for early November. We don’t necessarily care where specifically we go as long as it’s all inclusive and not somewhere we’d necessarily go again (somewhere different than a normal yearly vacation).

After doing some research we are currently trying to decide between Secrets Cap Cana and Sandals Grenada. Our main concern with Secrets is that there won’t be enough to do at night due to there not being a “club” or other activities we see at Sandals such as a bowling alley, pool, etc. Our main concern with Sandals is the ability to get reservations, feeling congested/crowded by a lot of other people, and the resort feeling worn down.

Overall we feel that both of these would be a great choice, we just want to get a feel for what people actually think about both, and any pros/cons we may be unaware of. We can get exactly what we would want in each for below our budget so money isn’t a factor here. Please be brutally honest!

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