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AITA: Parents gatekeeping their funding for our honeymoon

Hi there! Need a sanity check here, or else any strategies to help..

Got married last July, delayed honeymoon planning due to wanting a break (financial and socially) from planning anything. Back when we were in the early wedding planning stages, my parents graciously had offered to pay for our entire honeymoon.

Fast forward through the wedding, lots of drama happened with my parents and me re:decisions and wedding planning etc. Shortly after once the dust had settled, I asked where their head was at with the honeymoon funding, so we could plan accordingly. They offered to pay for half (roughly 5k), mentioning 5k as an amount. Great, we went ahead planning things (nothing reserved, but we needed a ballpark!).

A few months later and no mention from parents re:honeymoon, not even questions, and so I bring it up and parents mentioned wanting to reserve the hotel potion for us (they have timeshares through a big hospitality chain), but the vibe is really not what we are looking for, and so I asked if they'd feel comfortable contributing even if not in that way, and now I am met with : "how much??? where are you going?? We'll have to see, tax season…" and lots of questions as to where we want to go, and "have you seen the flight costs??" etc, and no helpful direct response re: the money.


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