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All Inclusive Adult only resort recommendations

My fiancé and I are looking for a warm weather (Mexico/Caribbean – other budget friendly locations can be suggested too!) type of beach vacation for our honeymoon in the end of August now that Covid restrictions for returning back to Canada are relaxing. We would want: – adult only/all inclusive – okay food, nothing extravagant but something somewhat appealing and doesn’t make you sick. – We would hope for a jacuzzi in the room/balcony – a nice beach that we can relax at/walk along – budget for 5 nights and flights is $3500 CAD – quieter, more romantic and easygoing vibe. we aren’t looking for adventure or planning to leave the resort premises during our stay

I’d like to know where other people have stayed in the past that are worth it even if they aren’t as luxurious as some other options. Some of the popular ones we have noticed (Beloved/Excellence Playa Mujeres) are out of our budget. I have seen trips that fit our budget, however it’s hard to tell if it is worth the money. All Recommendations are appreciated, thank you so much!

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