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All-Inclusive Caribbean Honeymoon Suggestions – May 2020

We made a list of things that are important to us. Let us know what your recommendations are!

-must be all-inclusive

-reasonably priced (we don't want to dish out an insane amount of money as we are having our honeymoon immediately following our wedding.)

-buffet-style dining options, a variety of restaurants that are laid back and casual. We aren't at all interested in swanky restaurants or dress codes. We LOVE buffets and laid-back beach-side meals


-not too crowded

-crystal clear Caribbean water

-younger honeymooner demographic. We're both going to be 25 during the honeymoon and would like to stay at a resort with activities more tailored to 20-40 y/o newlyweds

-rare find (not really interested in sandals resorts or similar)

-no golf resorts, that's not really our crowd or the vibe we're looking for

I realize it would be crazy to think there's a hotel out there that ticks off every item, but maybe you guys can help us at least narrow down the closest match!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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