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All inclusive or cruise?

We’re looking at honeymoon options for between August and October. We’re hoping for a mix of relaxation and seeing some new places. We love to eat and spend time outside, and are looking to go somewhere warm but not very hot (ideally weather under 85 degrees) and somewhere coastal.

We have a courtesy hold on a Greece cruise on Celebrity that we found a great price for—10 nights for $3400 in a verandah room (for both of us, including tax and fees).

We were considering an all inclusive resort, but are having a hard time finding a destination that makes sense for this time of year and would be comparable in price for a 7-10 night stay (before airfare). It seems like this time of year isn’t the best for beach destinations? (Hurricane season, rainy weather, mosquitos, very hot). We do think a beach resort would be probably more relaxing than the cruise, but haven’t found one that meets what we’re looking for. Would love some suggestions!

We’re in our late 20s and trying to stay below $4K for lodging, and ideally would love something inclusive of some or all meals and some activities (or just a nice beach, pool, and restaurants).

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