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All Inclusive Resort in Punta Cana

My husband and I are planning on going on our honeymoon in August (because of multiple reasons we haven't booked it yet because we weren't sure we would be able to this summer). Our budget for the resort is about $3,000 (no more than $3,500), not including the flight. We're looking to go to Punta Cana, and want a resort that offers plenty of entertainment during the day and nighttime, has at least decent food, and offers activities like snorkeling through the resort if possible. Ideally, we'd also like it to have an adult section to it if it isn't adults only. We want to get one of the nicer rooms, either a honeymoon suite type of room if the resort offers one or a swim up suite since we're celebrating and this will be both of our first time to the Caribbeans. We are trying to go either the last week of July or the first two weeks of August, and want to go for 7 nights.

I had been looking the Majestic Resorts, Excellence Punta Cana, the Ocean Blue & Sand, or the Ocean El Faro. I have been leaning towards the Ocean Blue & Sand because it seems to have a lot to offer, good food from what the reviews have said, entertainment, snorkeling, and we can get a honeymoon suite for about $3,000. The Ocean El Faro is similar but they don't offer a honeymoon suite, only a swim up, for about the same price. But I wanted to see if anyone had been to the Ocean hotels. I noticed the Ocean hotels seem to have two different sites (this one and this one) and that made me slightly skeptical, but the resort has a lot of good reviews and I've seen a few youtube vlogs of the resort so I wanted to check here before I book anything.

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