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All Inclusive Suggestions for April?

Hello everyone,

I am getting married at the beginning of April and want to plan a honeymoon for after the wedding. I've used some travel websites in the past such as Apple Vacations and Cheap Caribbean with success but am wanting suggestions for other sites/places that offer the flight, room/board and all inclusive as one. Very open to other ideas on how to plan these out as well as I have no idea what I'm doing :).

We want very clear water and beautiful sand that is easy to dip our toes in. We are leaving from Arkansas and, in the past, have driven to Dallas to fly out and spend a day or two there.

Budget: $6,000
Date leaving: April 2024
Interests: Hiking, Lounging, Tennis, Arcades, Sightseeing
Adult Only preference

Not for sure if this would change anything but we don't really drink alcohol at all. I smoke cannabis occasionally.

Thanks in advance!

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