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ALRET!! We need some AMAZING suggestions for our honeymoney!

We could use some addition insight for our honeymoon. We just want a vacation that will take our breath away. We have been to some cool places like iceland, Italy, and have seen most of the US National parks. We’ve been considering Hawaii, Greece, or St. Lucia, but we are looking for ideas at these locations or other locations that we havn’t thought of. I’ve done a decent amount of researching, but havn’t actually been to these destinations so we could use help with accommodation, restaurants, excursions, or just any info that could be helpful. Also if you have any reasons why we shouldn’t consider something let us know.

Here are the parameters for our honeymoon:

  • budget = $6,000 (not including flights)
  • Must be somewhere warm
  • Taking place late June – early July 2022
  • can be 1-2 weeks long
  • first 3 days need to be romantic at or near the beach where we can relax together
  • we love hiking so somewhere with amazing trails
  • we don’t mind traveling to multiple locations
  • must be outside of the US (Hawaii is an exception)
  • It would be nice to have upscale accommodations where we are pampered.

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