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An Exciting Honeymoon in Wayanad

Wayanad is one super exciting honeymoon destination in India. Some of the best luxury resort in wayanad include authentic Ayurveda experiences, relaxing houseboat rides and exciting nature trails. Chembra Peak is the tallest and smallest peak in the area. With a perennial heart-shaped lake halfway up, this is a safe bet for honeymoon couples. The lake is often covered in snow and fog and is an ideal place for couples to meet. After the lake, you'll have to weave through thick trees for a kilometre or two before you can reach the top of the peak. You can take a trip to the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, marvel at the majestic elephants and explore the ancient Edakkal Caves. Other adventures that make Wayanad the best honeymoon destination include the scenic route to Lakkidi and Soochipara falls.

As one of the most idyllic honeymoon destinations in South India, Wayanad has no shortage of well-reviewed honeymoon packages. You can opt for an extremely luxurious package or a sober budget package to suit your preferences. To ensure you find the best weekend getaways for couples while toasting your married life, here are some helpful tips.

• Limit – The first step is to get an idea of ​​the specific area where you want to honeymoon and make a list of places to visit. Ask your partner to make a list as well and narrow down some options for you to explore further. It will be much easier to compare prices and services if you look for a few options.

• Set your budget: your honeymoon is a time for leisurely walks and the most beautiful moments with your partner. Don't stress about planning something that isn't within your ability. In general, an overbudget is always better than the other way around. Be realistic about the amount of money you're willing to spend and the experiences you want.

• Consider Other Expenses: While most of the best Wayanad honeymoon packages are all-inclusive, it's important to consider incidental expenses. You'll likely have to pay for transportation, activities, local parks, and even restaurants. These costs can add up to a lot more than you anticipated. An alternative way to avoid this is to look for all-inclusive resorts that cover food, drinks, transportation, and activities.

• Time Factor: Wayanad, known as the Land of Rice Fields, is a continuous kaleidoscope of cultural vibrancy and natural freshness. You will need enough time to explore as much of this natural wonder as possible. Be sure to consider how long you want your honeymoon to last before making your final honeymoon package decision.

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