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Another planner overwhelmed with process

Hey friends!

My partner and I are getting married this year and hoping for a 2025 honeymoon. I don't even know how to start looking for packages or locations.

About us:

Parents of two looking forward to a relaxing and child-free experience. We love adventure but want a comfortable home base rather than a new bed every two nights. Flexible dates. We are hoping to keep to a smaller budget. Beaches, forests, deserts, and jungles are all options. I haven't been to south america yet (or mexico, for that matter). Active people, maybe a little odd (but who isn't on reddit), big fans of respecting indigenous cultures and not contributing to continued colonialism or economic warfare.

Looking for suggestions on location, adventures, and ways to start planning/booking as I am a severely disorganized person who wants to plan something beautiful for their person instead of winging it for once.



Ideal time is probably march or april. Would love as many as 9 nights, hoping to spend less than $4k

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