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Antigua Resort Suggestions

So me and my wife are taking our honeymoon to Antigua in October. We have narrowed it down to Cocos Hotel, Cocobay, or Keyonna Resort. We aren't looking for a huge all inclusive resort with a 24hr club scene, we are in our mid-30s and want to have a nice, relaxing beach vacation.

We are both "foodies" and wine enthusiasts, so we would like a resort with a nice wine program and good food. My only other trip to the Caribbean, the food was SO BAD, all I ate was Dominican Salami and passion fruits, so I'm searching for something more.

We would like a place with either a beach bar or drink service to the beach. We are only spending 4 days there, so we would like to do some beach relaxing, enjoy drinks on the beach, maybe a little snorkeling, maybe a jet ski rental.

I'd also appreciate some suggestions for some Authentic Caribbean cuisine in the area and some beach bars

Thanks in advance

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