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Any suggestions ?

I’m getting married (but I need your help)

I’m getting married this September to the love of my life! However, my Fiancé and I need some help figuring out where to honeymoon. We are trying to stay in the states. Firstly, because my fiancé doesn’t have her passport. while we can get it, it’s an expense we wouldn’t mind avoiding with all the wedding stuff going on. Also Who knows what will and won’t be available September 2021.

We both love the outdoors. We love to hike, whether it be to overlooks, waterfalls or canyons we are all about it. We prefer warm to cold weather for sure but if the destination is good enough we don’t mind packing a few extra layers. I prefer the mountains, my fiancé prefers the beach. But we would both be happy anywhere! We also love coffee, museums, movies, spa days, yoga, and photography! We love animals (land or sea) so if there is an amazing aquarium or zoo I’d love to hear about it! I personally don’t mind the snow or skiing, but my Fiancé Hates it’s. So no snow skis or boards for us.

Resorts and all inclusive places are cool and bed and breakfasts are also absolutely amazing. But we also wouldn’t mind being a little bit more secluded whether it be an Airbnb or a cabin or a house boat. Something a little bit more private on the honeymoon is always appreciated, I would imagine by both the couple and the neighbors. 😉

If a place has a honeymoon package, or if you got a honeymoon package that was awesome, I would love to hear about it and your experience! I am totally open to packages or bundling travel, but I also don’t mind doing things separate and going through multiple sites.

We’re trying not to break the bank and would prefer to keep the travel and lodging under 1200-1500 total Some of the locations/ideas we have considered are: Road trip from Miami down the keys Colorado (not sure where in Colorado) Washington (Tacoma or Seattle ?maybe?) Oregon (maybe Portland)

I proposed in Las Vegas and we are getting married in Savannah so those two are for sure not in the running. We also thought about renting an RV and road tripping for a week but it just sounds like waaaaaaay too much driving and not enough relaxing with one another.

Thank you so much if you have gotten this far in the post! Any and all suggestions are beyond welcome and appreciated! Whether they be specific locations or just city or states thank you so much! Heck, if you know of any breathtaking hikes feel free to drop them too, maybe if they are good enough we can plan the honeymoon off that hike and whatever else is around it. Safe travels!

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