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April 2024 Honeymoon – Wedding in Key Largo.. Carribean Islands? USVI? BVI? HELP!

Hi Everyone!

My fiance and I (25f & 29m) have an April 2024 honeymoon and there are so many options that our brains are almost fried at this point of information overload. We are getting married mid-April in Key Largo which means leaving from Miami or Key West airport. Since we are already in the area we have been thinking about the islands, but neither of us has been to any of the islands. We have done so much research on St. Johns, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, etc. that it all has just turned into mush in my brain.

Any real input from honeymooners, or vacationers, that they would recommend based on their own experiences would be greatly appreciated. I have read about 3,000 reviews on websites about all-inclusive on all the islands.. many reviews seem fake and the renderings on all the websites scare me.

Our overall want, is a place that is great for relaxing by the beach but also has activities/excursions. Most places we have found that seem like the best all-inclusive turn out to be secluded and not much to do other than eat and drink. We are young and I have too much ADHD to sit on a beach for 5+ days and that's it. We really enjoy traveling and exploring new places and finding authentic restaurants and locals so that is also what scares me about an all-inclusive.

Our budget is roughly 12-15k. We can both take about 10 days for the trip too so potentially 5 days all-inclusive and 5 days Airbnb to get a more authentic feel. Maybe multiple islands?

I'd love just any input from this group 🙂

Happy Honeymooning!

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