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Are 5* Hotels (Paris) Ever Worth It?

So here’s my situation. My wife and I got married 2 months ago and we’re now planning our honeymoon to Paris, which we intend to take during Christmas. My wife has always wanted to go to Paris and as a person who learned French middle school through college, I’d love to go as well! We both enjoy the “finer things in life” and we’ve already booked many top restaurants, excursions, and activities to do. I’m a big fine dining guy so I made the restaurant reservations and allowed my wife to decide most of the rest. Well, long story short, the room she wants is the second cheapest room at a 5* hotel, and will cost us $30k for the 10 days we’ll be in Paris. Though reluctant, I’m certainly willing to make the booking to please my wife, to have the absolute best experience possible on our honeymoon, and quite frankly to get to experience such a hotel myself (daily breakfast at their Michelin starred restaurant is included). I know this question probably gets asked a lot, but are such hotels ever really “worth it?” Does anyone here have experiences at such places, especially in Paris?

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