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Aruba Resort for Honeymoon

  • All-inclusive – I know many say not to do all-inclusive in Aruba, but it is our honeymoon, and we want to not have to think about most meals and certainly not drinks. We will probably have a few dinners off property, but still think we want the AI experience. If a resort has a breakfast and drink package, but not full AI, that might work.
  • $500-$750+ a night or so
  • I like the idea of Bucuti and Tara – but it seems too quiet and serene. We want a luxurious adults-only experience, but with more activities, and music by the pool, etc.
  • With that being said, we are a little older (later 30s / early 40s) so not looking for a crazy party. Somewhere between quiet/serene and Cancun crazy.
  • The idea of an adults-only resort with access to a sister property family resort next door is appealing, as I assume the family side might have better pools? Just an idea.
  • A nice beach is a must – I know most resorts have a nice beach, but still needs to be said.

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