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Bali Honeymoon in July 2023


Hope you guys are safe and well.

So my soon to be wife and I are planning our honeymoon to Bali in the month of July 2023. We have a budget of about $ 2000 for stay and internal transfers.

A quick brief about what we like and dislike – a little bit of clubbing/partying, exploring local food and places. We would prefer some time to chill as well. We would love to visit the beach bars and beach clubs, visit some instagram worth places and some not so insta worthy (quiet) ones too. Activities like scuba/snorkelling and treks excite us.

Based on this we decided to visit the following places –

Ubud – 3 nights (for mt batur trek, local food exploration, waterfalls and chilling in pool villas)

Seminyak – 3 nights (for partying and beach bars, basically nightlife)

Nusa Penida – 2 nights (for all the famous tourist spots)

Gili Air – 2 nights (for chilling and relaxing, scuba/snorkelling)

We have a few questions that we would love your inputs on, which are –

1 – In what sequence should we do the trip? Should we land and head to the islands first or stick around seminyak or ubud? And then onto which place? Please explain this part, this is the most important doubt that we have. and aren't able to find a solution to.

2 – We have 1 additional night that we can add, where would you suggest we add this to? Initially we thought Gili Air, would it make sense to stay 3N at Gili Air or will we be bored?

3 – Suggestions for Hotels/Resorts/Villas are welcome.

4 – Which would you suggest – Snorkelling or Scuba Diving? The best place for a first time exploration dive (we aren't PADI certified or haven't done scuba diving before, we don't wanna do a 3/4 day course either)?

5 – Anything we as tourists should be careful about? For example- Any false/fake entry tickets to temples, rice fields, waterfalls etc?

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