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Bali Honeymoon – (Oct. – Dec. 2023)

My soon to be wife and I, (both 26 years old) are planning a honeymoon trip to Bali for 14 days, sometime between October and December 2023. We are flying from Ontario, Canada. Budget for our stay is $7,000 CAD (+ cost of flights)

Looking for some tips and tricks. Looking for a combination of some quiet places for relaxing days on the beach, and adventurous stuff such as surfing, snorkelling, and hiking. Looking for recommendations for places to eat (street food, and restaurant), good surfing lesson companies for beginners, over rated tourist places to avoid, places to stay, best hikes to do, etc.

Is the Mason Elephant Sanctuary the best place to see/interact with elephants?

What are some things we should know about the culture to ensure we are being respectful?

From my understanding of the entry requirements, we will need to show proof of 2 shots of Covid vaccine, and purchase a 30 day Visa, as well as have the “EHAC” App so we can fill out a form.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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