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Bali Honeymoon planning Dilemma!

Honeymoon in Bali for 10 days in mid May – super confused about where to go!

So we’re planning to be in Ubud for 5 days at least, and the rest of it we want to be somewhere with the best snorkelling we can find. We’ve realised Ubud is not the place to be for that, but all the bets snorkelling places seem to be far and difficult to get to, and we don’t want to lose too much time travelling!

Here’s what I’ve considered and gathered so far:

  • Amed – will take about 2 hours to get to, and the snorkelling there doesn’t seem to be what we’re looking for. Not interested in the statues or shipwreck, water seems cloudy too. Plus we’d like to stay somewhere more beachy

  • Gilis – far away and annoying to get to, time lost in travel. Gili T – too much of a party atmosphere, too crowded. Like the idea of Gili A and Gili Meno a lot, snorkelling looks good, seems relaxed and easy to get around. Main issue is getting there

  • Nusa Penida – too touristy, rugged, hard to get around, rough-ish waters sometimes? Nusa Lembongan sounds much more appealing but again, worried about rough waters, lots of stairs and difficulty accessing the beach and other places.

So far from what I gather Nusa Lembongan and Gili A/Gili Meno sound best for our needs. Am I right about what I gather from my research? Are there any other spots we can get to somewhat easily and quickly (a few hours) from Ubud that would be even better for snorkelling and relaxing by the beach?

Please help! We need to book soon. Thanks in advance!

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