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Beach front with access to waterfalls

Hello, the lady and I are hoping to do a honeymoon next May and she would love to have an overwater bungalow I was also thinking of an isolated villa in a cove or just on the beach. We are looking for something where we could have beach access but also maybe hike to a cove one day that has a waterfall or something We've been looking at Fiji, Bora Bora, and St Lucia but haven't had luck in finding the right place.. We like Matangi Fiji just wish it was closer to the beach for the villas which we may not find but we are just reaching out to see what others may have found. we also liked Jade Mountain in St Lucia the sun sanctuary looked amazing and then the Conrad in Maldives but that doesn't have any mountains since they have the island which isn't bad but I think we might want a little adventure. just wondering if anyone has any advice on locations! also saw palawan and really like that location too!

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