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Beach honeymoons from the UK in October

Hi all! My fiancée and I are getting married in September and planning a honeymoon sometime in October. Ideally we'd like to do the Maldives but they're a bit out of our price range: we have a total budget of about £5,500 including flights, and are ideally trying to get somewhere all-inclusive.

The main issue is that most of the places that are low-cost for us to reach also tend to have crappy weather at that time of year – the best we've found is Greece, which still only tops out at the mid-20s (°C), or Egypt, which is still not a recommended travel destination.

Totally fine to look farther afield, we just don't want to blow a huge chunk of budget on flights (my fiancée is scared of flying so just booking a cheap airline with small planes is not an option) and then not be able to afford a great holiday.

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