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Beach recommendations? Probably Florida.

I’m currently having an absolutely trash honeymoon at a Sandals in Jamaica… we are wanting to redo our honeymoon next summer but on a tight budget in what’s probably going to have to be Florida. We don’t want to go too far south Florida (too much of a drive) but want a nice beach, a pool, and a few attractions. We mostly keep to ourselves and don’t drink or party but access to things like snorkeling or an aquarium would be nice but not required. Mostly looking to relax after how awful this current trip is (no water or electricity or AC. I can’t even flush the toilet). I’d like somewhere with easy access to food but doubt I can afford all inclusive on my new budget since I spent all my money on this dumb Sandals trip. We don’t like cooking but will if we need to in an air bnb if I can’t just get an area narrowed down.

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