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Beachy Location Suggestions Outside of the US!

Hi all! I am looking for some locations suggestions because our original plan didn’t work out. We got married earlier this year, but due to covid we put our “big honeymoon” off until our 1 year anniversary which will be next spring. We’re starting the planning now. Our plan since we got engaged was to go to Bali, but it’s still not open to US tourists so we’re looking for other options. Here’s our criteria:

  1. Outside of the US. Preferably Southeast Asia or the South Pacific. We want to make this a big trip.
  2. Beautiful beaches. Comparable to what you see in pics of the clear blue, soft sand. (We’ve been to Aruba, so kinda like that. Or pics of what you see of Maldives)
  3. Adventures to do. We love laying on the beach but we want to do activities too like hiking, scuba or snorkel, excursions, etc. That’s why we were originally drawn to Bali.
  4. Price is a mild factor. We don’t want to break the bank, but we can spend a few thousand. We were drawn to Bali because we’ve heard that you can get a lot of bang for your buck in Southeast Asia once you actually get there.

Any recommendations or advice would be amazing!

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