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Best honeymoon locations within 8-10 hour flight of NYC/Boston

Hello lovely honeymoon pros! My wife and I had a wonderful backyard wedding a few weeks ago, and are looking to plan a 7-9 day honeymoon in November/December. We have a lot of animals so can only get away for 9-10 days total, and so we’re looking to stay within 8-10 hours of flying if from NYC or Boston. We love rainforests, hiking, animals, art history, and great museums, and so we have been torn between things like a trip to France, Ghana, Colombia, Costa Rica, or Belize. Ideally we would like to be active for 4-5 days and extremely relaxed for 4-5 days. Assuming money is not an issue, what are some places we’re not thinking of, or any suggestions as to what specific locations on our list may be great? My favorite place I’ve ever visited was Siem Reap and my wife’s favorite is Costa Rica, and our favorite trip together was to Florence and Rome, to give you a small sense of our likes. Thank you SO MUCH for any tips!!

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