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Best overwater hotel & location

Hey Reddit – Searching for an overwater hotel for 6-9 nights to kickoff an extended honeymoon the first week of August and would love any advice and recommendations.

Are there any specific hotels and islands you would recommend? Any travel agents to work with that would help make this experience amazing, and help us lock in great pricing?

While I think an overwater bungalow would be special, we have absolutely loved very unique hotels like Gaia hotel in Belize and staying at the San Blas Islands, etc. – so would love to hear of any other favorite, unique hotels in the world

Key details below: – $800-$1,200 / night, all-inclusive – Both 33 years old and very adventurous / fun. We love swimming / snorkeling / hiking / tennis / water sports / etc. – We’re not flashy people but we do love great food (very important to me) and great service – Smaller / more intimidate experience would be preferred – Looking at Bora Bora, Tahiti and Maldives but very open to any other suggestions. Worried about the rain in Maldives in August – Flying in from Columbus, OH. Will be following this up with about a month in each of Asia (Japan, Vietnam, 1 more country), LatAm (Peru & Argentina) and Europe (Greece & Italy) but do not have a required next destination and it will depend on the honeymoon – Do not want to go Central America or the Caribbean for this part of the trip just because it is more accessible for us on a normal basis for a week-long vacation vs. this longer trip we will be taking

Thank you for the help in advance!

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