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Best Place To Stay in Cancun?

Hello all!

I'm planning mine and my husband's honeymoon for next February. We want to go to Cancun to an all inclusive resort but it's hard to tell with all the websites what is, like, a trustworthy site and what is just spam.

I've been looking at Kayak and Travelocity and such, but I'm having trouble telling if the package they are offering is all-inclusive like we want. We're looking for packages with flight, beachfront hotel, drinks, meals, etc. Just so we can get it all paid ahead of time and not worry about it while we're there.

Any suggestions would be helpful, whether is a place you stayed yourself or a website you trust.

Thank you!

Edit: Added beachfront, because sitting on the beach drinking all day is definitely what we want to be doing all week.

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