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Best way to fund my honeymoon

I’m looking for the best way to have my honeymoon be free (lodging and flight).

My fiancé and I wanting to go to Tahiti. We want to do 7 days there and stay in the over water bungalows for at least 2 nights. As it stands now, I currently have enough Hawaiian Airlines miles to book round trip from Honolulu to Papeete for free for the both of us.

As for hotel: I currently have about 130,000 points on my Amex gold card that I plan on converting to Hilton rewards for a 2:1 ratio. The first hotel we would stay at is the Hilton Hotel Tahiti which costs 80,000 points per night. So using my Amex gold points I can get 4 free nights there.

So: I have about $5k in wedding expense that I am about to pay for, so I was thinking about opening up 1 or 2 Hilton reward cards to get points. They currently have 2 enticing offers. One card is 70,000 points + 1 night stay w/ no AF and the other card is 130,000 points + 1 night stay w/ $95 AF. If I open up both cards I can have the whole stay free and keep some of my Amex gold card points.

Has anyone done this before and if so does this sound like a good plan?

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