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Brainstorming Ideas for a week long honeymoon destination in July in the US!!

My wife and I are planning our honeymoon some time in early July. For various reasons, we've decided to stick to within the US for this trip.

We both love small town vibes with lowkey activities! We enjoy exploring restaurants and coffee shops, going antiquing and small boutiques. If there is access to a beach town, we would probably spend one evening/day there, but not more. We would also do a couple of small hikes if time permits.

We have weeded out California and Florida as options just because we have both been there so many times. We do love national parks, but not sure if national parks is ALL we want to do in the whole trip, which makes me think AZ, UT, WY, etc. are also not great options. Asheville seems like a great option, but is it a good destination for about a week long trip? It seems more like a long weekend destination, but please correct me if that's not the case.

Another option is New England, but there are too many towns to go through, so has anyone done a 5-7 day road trip through New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, etc.? What were the stops? Also, is it still a good destination considering we're planning on going in July?

Thank you so much for any advice in advance!!

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