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Can anyone recommend an all inclusive honeymoon option that is NOT in the Caribbean or US?

Ideally I want to mix luxury and adventure. That is, 4-5 nights where we make our own itinerary, stay in regular hotels and explore the local culture; and then end with a bang and ball out on 4-5 nights in an all inclusive, secluded resort. Right now seems like SE Asia or Central America would have both of these options close together.

Somewhere in the South Pacific is my dream, but I'm not finding any true all inclusives for under $7-8k for 6 nights. We aren't too limited on budget, but I have a hard time justifying that.

Right now I'm leaning toward exploring Chiang Mai (hiking, elephant sanctuary, etc) + ending with 5 nights at an all inclusive maybe in Bali or Phillipines? However, the more I research (half of the fun for me, I fall down rabbit holes fast), the more options I find (Cook Islands, Rarotonga, New Zealand, or even Costa Rica)!

Anyone else done anything like this? Any advice welcome!

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